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NCE Power Cab


[Taken from a Model Railroader forum thread entitled NCE PowerCab: A Quick Look review - PLUS Resolving issues - originally posted 02/27/2006]


Well, after nearly two months of waiting, I finally received my NCE PowerCab in the mail.  Woohoo! =O)  I know it's going to take me some time to fully understand and utilize the capabilities of the PowerCab and play around with the settings.


With that being the case, I thought it might be beneficial for me to break this review up into two parts: An initial "Quick" Look (with my initial thoughts and impressions), and a more thorough "Here's what I've learned so far" Look (after I've had a chance to really play around with the PowerCab for a couple of weeks).  My hope is that this will be helpful to some.

NCE CAB-04p throttle


[Taken from a Model Railroader forum thread entitled NCE Power Cab - Part 2: Using an extra throttle and anomaly (answered) - originally posted 03/11/2006]


As I mentioned in the other post, I received my new NCE CAB-04p throttle and UTP panel in the mail today and now have had a chance to use it.  I was originally just going to add it to the NCE Power Cab: A Quick Look review thread but thought it might be better to make an entirely new thread so that you didn't have to wade through pages and pages just to get to this portion.

NCE Smart Booster (SB3/SB3a|SB5)


[Taken from threads originally posted on the Model Railroader forum entitled NCE Smart Booster (SB3) Review - UPDATE (11/30/2006) and Initial review of new NCE Smart Booster (SB3a) (7/25/2010).  The SB3 review is also posted on the Reader Reviews section of but is only accessible to MR subscribers.]


Both the original Smart Booster (SB3) and updated Smart Booster (SB3a) reviews follow the tradition of the reviews for the Power Cab and CAB-04p throttles.  However, these reviews will concentrate on the features of both versions of the Smart Booster, as well as how they are used in conjunction with and enhance the use of the Power Cab.

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