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OMI NYC H-10a - Fireman View 1.jpg
OMI NYC H-10a - Fireman View 2.jpg
August 15, 2018


I finally landed one of my dream locomotives: A NYC H-10a 2-8-2 Mikado.  I've always loved the look of the H-10 Heavy Mikes with the extra superheated piping and Elesco feed water heater; hence the choice of locomotive photos on my home page.  It just screams power and ruggedness.  Even better - this particular model is detailed as a "Big Four" H-10a. 

It was originally released by OMI in 1988.  According to the seller, his father stored it in his bedroom and it was never opened.  It shows, as it's in nearly mint condition and comes with the original OMI stickers that hold the plastic wrapping together.

I'll put it in the queue for painting & detailing.  There are a few plastic switchers ahead of it and that will give me some good practice and experience for when I get around to painting my few pieces of brass.

OMI NYC H-10a - Tender View 1.jpg
OMI NYC H-10a - Backhead View.jpg
OMI NYC H-10a - Engineer View.jpg
NYC FTA-B - Roof Vent 1.jpg
NYC FTA-B - Roof Vent 2.jpg
NYC FTA - Open panel.jpg
NYC FTA - Dynamic Brake panel.jpg
Stewart FT shell - Parting line.jpg
NYC F2A.jpg
NYC F2A - Grill view.jpg
NYC F2A - Grill view.jpg
September 1, 2018


Painting & detailing an undecorated Stewart FTA-B shell into a NYC FTA-B with the early "cat whisker" scheme - ca 1944-1948.







Roof details of FTA unit

Dynamic brake hatch and painted Dynamic roof panel added

September 2, 2018


Painted undecorated Stewart FTA shell using Tamiya TS-29 Semi-gloss Lacquer paint.



Dynamic roof panel added

Oops...Looks like I'll need to do some slight sanding to remove those noticeable parting lines. =O(

November 25, 2018


While working on the above Stewart FTA-B, I also began work on a Highliners F2A undecorated shell, which will also receive the same cat whisker scheme.


The NYC purchased only two EMD F2As.  Since each of their four 2,700 HP FTA-B units were coupled together with a drawbar and not easily separated, each F2A could be more easily MU'd to one pair to create a 4,050 HP ABA unit.

The undecorated shell has most of the F2-specifc detailing added - e.g. dynamic hatches, fans, chicken-wire screens, roof & side panels, doors, Leslie A-200 horns, etc.  The cat whisker striping, red oval herald, and number board numbers will be added next.  The decals will then be sprayed and protected with a semi-gloss coating.  Once that's done the windows, port holes, and headlight lenses can be glued in place.  I'll also wire and illuminate the headlights and number boards with 0402 or 0603 SMT LEDs.

I really like the look of the photo-etched metal parts (fan blades, screens) on the Highliners shell.  They really look crisp and the anodized black coating offsets them from the black shells.  The screening is held in place with 3M spray adhesive.  It's a little challenging to find the right balance.  Too little adhesive and the screens won't stay in place; too much and the adhesive shows through the screens.

The current challenge is locating a scale 26 x 19-1/4" red oval herald decal for the front nose door.  No one makes one.  I have a couple of ideas and possibilities, which I hope to share in the not-too-distant future.

NYC F2A - Grill view.jpg
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