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"How to" Series

"How to" make: Inexpensive Exterior Light poles


Tired of paying high prices just to light your layout? Here's an simple tutorial for making inexpensive exterior light poles that are 10-20% of the cost of manufactured ones.

"How to" make: Working and movable Track bumpers


This tutorial will walk you through how to modify a Walthers "Hayes" track bumper so that:


  1. It can easily be moved around your layout

  2. It will actually stop a moving locomotive without damage to either track bumper OR locomotive.

"How to" make: A Boxcar shed


Turn that old boxcar that's been taking up space on your shelf into a useful structure on your layout.

"How to" make: A Simple Ball signal ***Under construction***


Scratch-build one of the earliest stationary signals used on the railroads.

"How to" make: A Complex Ball signal ***Under construction***


Scratch-build the next generation ball signal - This time with electricity!

"How to" make: A Wooden fence ***Under construction***


Scratch-build your own wooden fence with dimensional 1 x 8s, 2 x 8s, and 4 x 4s.

"How to" decoder installation: Walthers SW1 EMD switcher


Convert this classic switcher to DCC and install a decoder.

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