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December 23, 2011


I'm nearing the completion of an Alexander Scale Models PRR Flag stop kit for a friend's layout.  I still need to do a little more detailing and weathering of the main structure, as well as some exterior scenicking.  I added interior flooring and molding and interior/exterior lighting to the structure.


The cardstock roof was tricky to install but it turned out okay.  The backside of the roof now lifts off so that you can access the interior for future lightbulb changes and/or adding interior detailing like crates and boxes. The light pole was scratch-built according to my Exterior Light pole tutorial.


In a way - I've spent so much time on this project that it's going to be hard to give it up.  I find these sorts of projects become endearing as well as enduring. But...that's okay.  I will enjoy looking at it whenever I'm invited over to my friend's house to see his layout.


September 28, 2011


I converted a Walthers SW1 switcher to DCC (i.e. electrically isolated the motor and frame) and installed a Lenz Silver MP decoder.  I also:


  1. Cleaned and relubed the gears

  2. Upgraded the original wheelsets for NWSL geared wheelsets

  3. Replaced the original rubber tube drive shaft with an NWSL U-joint

  4. Replaced the front incandescent headlight with an sunny-white LED

  5. Added a rear LED headlight


It took me a couple of weeks to actually do the work and to document it all.


The step-by-step how-to tutorial can be found here.  It was both a challenging and educational project for me but the results have been VERY satisfactory.  The SW1 will now do 0.33 sMPH at speed step 001!  (And that's without me even doing anything with the decoder.)


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