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Projects: Current and upcoming...

ACL M-3 Wood caboose

Although I model the NYC, my current plans are to complete a ACL M-3 wood caboose kit from American Model Builders (AMB) and detail the interior.


The NYC only purchased two F2 A-units from EMD in July 1946: #1604 & #1605.  This will be painted and detailed in the original "cat whisker" scheme and will be MU'd with a set of NYC FT A-Bs in the same scheme.

Cor-Cor Aerotrain.jpg
Con-Cor NYC Aerotrain: Adding gyralights - COMPLETE!

The Con-Cor Aerotrain allowed a single DCC decoder to control front & rear lighting.  However, there were not enough auxiliary outputs to add gyralighting to the observation car.  I isolated and installed a TCS "function-only" FL4 decoder in the observation car and now have gyralight in forward and reverse.

Other projects - Painting & detailing
  • NYC FM H20-44 road switcher  (Alco Models)

  • NYC M-1 0-10-0 switcher (NJ Custom Brass)

  • NYC B-11L 0-6-0 switcher (Alco Models)

  • NYC Alco S-2 switcher (Atlas)

  • NYC EMD FT A-B: "Cat whisker" scheme (Stewart)

  • NYC EMD SW1 switcher (Walthers)

  • NYC FM H10-44 switcher: "Lightning stripe" theme (Proto 2000)

  • NYC Alco HH600 switcher: "Pre-'48" scheme (Atlas)

  • NYC 19000 wood cabooses (Water Level Models)

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