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March 29, 2014


Although I pre-ordered them back in May '13, I'm looking forward to receiving my NYC 19000-series wood caboooses from True Line Trains when they are released later this year.  With the NYCSHS Modeling committee involved in the project from the get-go, these should be very good and very close to the prototype.  And it'll be fun having a P&LE and PMcK&Y version in my roster, too.






[Click pictures to enlarge]







American Model Builders (AMB) has just released a laser-cut kit of the NYC 19000-series wood caboose.  While it requires assembly and won't be quite as nice as the True Line Trains version, it's still nice enough to be included in anyone's NYC roster and should be a fun kit to put together.  If they are like other AMB kits, the windows can be adjusted to either open or closed position...or anywhere in between.


According to the AMB website, the kit includes the following:


"100% laser-cut components with custom laser-scribed side and end walls, Tab & Slot and Peel & Stick construction, laser-cut underframe, end platforms, end railing, and brake wheels, cast resin platform steps and brake gear, white metal smokejack, injection molded turnbuckles, custom decals, fully illustrated instructions that provide information on painting and decaling the assembled model, and several fixtures to aid the modeler in creating all the handholds, ladders and truss rods appropriate for the prototype.  In addition, the HO scale kit provides for optional details too such as square or rounded body corner posts, side windows that can be modeled open or closed, two different styles of end ladders and roofwalks, cupola end window variation, and a complete set of screen doors and windows."


Items not included: trucks, couplers, gearboxes and screws to hold them in place.  The shell will also need to be painted with Scalecoat I* Boxcar Red and detailed for your appropriate era.


*NOTE: Scalecoat I is formulated for brass, metal, and wood.  Scalecoat II is formulated for plastic.


In the picture at the left, it appears that the stack isn't completely seated all the way down so that it's nearly level with the top of the cupola - an easy fix.  Also, with the cupola being removable, this should allow a limited amount of access inside the caboose cabin area once the roof is installed.

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